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Transactional SMS Pricing

With transactional SMS, you can stay in touch with your customers round the clock with assured delivery. Be it about sending one-time passwords (OTPs) or service updates, our transactional SMS service is the perfect solution.

With packages starting from as low as Rs 1,000, using transactional SMS can be a great strategy to get an edge over your competitors.

SMS PackRate per SMSAmount (In Rs.)
5,000 SMS0.201000
10,000 SMS0.181800
25,000 SMS0.164000
50,000 SMS0.157500
1,00,000 SMS0.1414000
5,00,000 SMS0.1260000
10,00,000 SMS0.11110000

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Benefits of Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS has an edge over promotional bulk SMS. Indian businesses owe their existence to a significant extent to the cost-efficient SMS promotional campaigns that allow them to directly connect to consumers and drive home instant benefits. There is no service stipulation of 9AM to 9PM and messages can be sent 24X7. Transactional SMS has a template base that is constituted of static and variable contents in the ratio of 70:30. The SMS has a unique six digit sender id and messages in bulk transactional SMS are delivered within micro-seconds. There is no ban on any functionality of transactional SMS.


Simple Procedure

To avail transactional SMS service, you need to assent to an agreement that stipulates using the bulk transactional SMS facility for communicating with consumers and not for promotional activities. A template has to be gotten approved wherein the contents are vetted for any promotional keywords. You can create a plethora of templates to cater to the various dimensions of your business’s functioning and can deliver approved messages to a wide audience without any restrictions. You will be required to submit the registration copies or optin bearing the consumer’s consent to subscribe to this transactional sms service.

Prompt Delivery of Alerts

Transactional sms provider can utilize the transactional sms service to forward message based response to e commerce transactions taking place through its portal. Instant notifications regarding customers’ activities on e-commerce platforms maintain a higher satisfaction level of leads as such SMS amply reflects your brand’s commitment to serve optimally. Instantaneous alerts are particularly beneficial for time critical messaging, OTP, password deliveries and if you are running an educational or financial institution.

Wide Coverage

Transactional SMS service does not suffer from any of the disadvantages that the conventional promotional bulk sms service has become victim of. DND customers can be reached out. Messages can be delivered by availing the features of transactional SMS company 24X7 all through the year. Transactional SMS service has no prohibition orders slapped on them by the government. This implies that you can keep in touch with your loyal consumers come what may. This will help in consolidating the consumers’ allegiance to your brand and your sales, credibility and ROI will grow exponentially.

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