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Promotional Bulk SMS Pricing

Targeting the right people at right time can skyrocket your sales. Our promotional Bulk SMS services offer the right medium at the desired cost-efficiency to pull this off.

With packages starting from as low as Rs 1,000, a promotional SMS campaign can be a great strategy to get an edge over your competitors.

SMS PackRate per SMSAmount (In Rs.)
5,000 SMS0.201000
10,000 SMS0.181800
25,000 SMS0.164000
50,000 SMS0.157500
1,00,000 SMS0.1414000
5,00,000 SMS0.1260000
10,00,000 SMS0.11110000

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Benefits of Promotional SMS

Engage with your customers in real time. Bulk SMS services offer the right medium at the desired cost-efficiency to pull this off. You can expect to retain an edge over the competitors if you can counter their marketing strategies in real time. Bulk SMS services offer the right platform to stay ahead in the race.

Your customers would remain engaged with your brand only if timely updates reach them. Bulk SMS is a highly effective medium to pull this off. Bulk SMS service enables you to send across your intended message to the entire spectrum of customers instantly in a manner that the message would get noticed. Bulk SMS can revolutionize the way your business has been communicating with consumers.E

Galvanize Customer’s Opinion

Most businesses shy away from using bulk sms, labeling it as intrusive. This is not the case. Consumers eagerly await updates/ discounts/ and launches for the segment they have subscribed to and furnished their contact information. You can inspire the buying sense of consumers by sending out relevant information through bulk sms software.

Lending Efficiency to your Campaign

Your marketing endeavors are taken to the next level by Bulk SMS. Market researches indicate that savvy consumers tend to prefer a product/ service when they are consistently updated about the same through various promotional media. You can chalk better success story by incorporating bulk SMS service into your promotional strategy.

Swiftness with Flexibility

You can mitigate the vulnerabilities rocking your business in a volatile market scenario by being flexible and readily adapting to newer technologies. Bulk SMS literally has zero lead time. This ensures that you can conceptualize campaigns and deliver them on target through bulk sms software within moments. This keeps the memories of the targeted special event afresh in the minds of prospective buyers and your business wallows in the profits generated by such split second campaigns. Bulk SMS provider ensures that the intended market is laser targeted and you can combat the promotional strategies of the competitor without becoming victims of delay.

Cost Effective

Businesses on a shoestring budget can’t afford to spend lavishly on large scale advertising campaigns. Bulk SMS is the sole savior for businesses who scrape along on a constricted capital. Bulk SMS service offers astounding results in a short span without denting your wallet at a fraction of cost of direct mailing methods.

Encouraging Open Rates

You will feel galvanized by the insights offered by studies which indicate that 98% of all bulk SMS deliveries are opened by recipients within 5 seconds of the messages hitting the inbox. You can gauge the impact of bulk SMS service by taking into perspective the fact that the average open and reading rates of emails are just 20%. Further, the target takes about forty-eight hours to open the email. Business messages delivered by bulk SMS software are seen on priority by the maximum number of targets in your marketing database.

Personalized Approach

Bulk SMS can be personalized to appeal to the consumer groups being targeted. Personalization is required to strike a chord with consumers by keeping in perspective their spending patterns, buying temperament or demographic response to an event. Bulk SMS company allows sending out individual promotional messages region wise to correspond the geographical sentiments of leads. Bulk SMS provider offers a high level of personalization at absolutely nominal costs. This is un thought of in any other marketing campaign except with bulk SMS company.

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