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Frequently Asked Questions


By using transactional sms service, you can roll out text messages to people who have subscribed your service. The nature of content will be purely transactional/informative/alerts in nature. Note: Transactional SMS can be sent to DND numbers.

Promotional sms service is useful in rolling out promotional or advertisement or marketing content or messages to promote your business/product/service etc to people. Note: Promotional SMS can’t be sent to DND numbers.

Transactional SMSPromotional SMS
SMS could be sent round the Clock 24/7SMS could be sent between 9AM to 9PM
SMS should be sent to Registered CustomersSMS can be sent to anyone
Sender-ID required. Sender ID should consist of 6 digit Alphabeic.Sender-ID not required. Sender ID should be randomized 6-digit numeric id.
SMS will be Sent to All Number in India Including
DND list (Do not Call)
SMS can be sent to all number in India excluding DND List
SMS Content/Template approval required (Do not Call)SMS Content/Template approval not required
All Information SMS sent by Registered Entity to its own customers,
All Promotional related SMS sent by Registered entity to promote the Good and Services
Above should be under the guidelines of Telecom Regulatory
Authority of India (TRAI)
Above should be under the guidelines of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)
Example: Banking Transaction, Order confirmation, Booking details,Internal Communication,
Stock Market alerts, Student/Parent/Teacher’s notification etc.
Example: Real Estate offers, Coupon Discount, New launch, Promotion etc.

Unicode SMS allows you to send messages in different languages preferably in your local language . The messages that are sent in languages other than English are called as Unicode messages.

Sender id is a header which is been seen when the sms is received on handset.

Sender-ID should be of 6 digits alphabetic only.

You need to provide valid Optin or Subscription details for Sender ID and Template approval. We have option of MANAGE SENDER ID, MANAGE DOCUMENTS & TEMPLATE UPLOAD under section MANAGE ITEMS, Where you have the facility of creating a new sender id and uploading template in your SMS account. Click to download the PDF for Step-By-Step approval procedure.

As per current regulation of TRAI, organization must have opt-in proof of subscriber to route SMS using transactional route. Opt-In can be digital signup form, paper form, any digital records which can store as proof that customer has agreed on terms and condition of organization and wish to receive SMS notifications from Organization. Click here to download detailed instruction on valid Opt-In and invalid Opt-In.

To use transactional routes for stock market activities, you’ll need to get certification from stock brokers and/or entities registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).The certification must follow the guidelines below:

  • Certification must be written on the entity’s company letterhead.
  • The entity should be registered with SEBI.
  • Entity should mention the command line interfaces (CLIs) to be used by them and the nature of the messages/content to be used.
  • Purchase order validity.

For organizations excluding stock brokers, advisories KYC (Aadhar Card/Passport/Driving License/Voter’s ID) along with company INC certificate and or Trade License with DND Undertaking signed under company letterhead is required.

Opt in SMS service refers to the element of choice you offer to your customers for receiving updates, promotions or roll into a service provided by your company. If a client wants to send SMS from transactional route to unknown subscriber then he need to request the subscribers to opt. Subscriber can send an SMS with keyword to provided number. Once subscriber send an SMS he would be considered under Option group and would be liable to receive SMS.

Customised sms is used to send personalised sms to n number of subscribers w.r.t their names and respective details at one go. Customised sms can be used by using Microsoft excel sheet.

We have an section called SENT ITEMS on our sms panel where you can view the complete reports for the sms sent from your account.

We have option of REPORTS under section SENT ITEMS from where your can extract the reports date wise of past days. We have facility of extracting reports from our sms application of last 30 days.

Yes. You can save all the contacts in GROUP with name. We have a option called MANAGE GROUP under section MANAGE ITEMS where you can create groups and save contact numbers.

Under settings section of the panel you have a feature of changing the current password of your sms account.

We always stand for transparency and quality and our application returns the exact operator delivered status. Kindly download our SMS Error Code Status and Description PDF for details.


You can download the HTTP/XML API document from your sms account under Developers section. Complete API specifications along with sample code is given over there. In order to access Developers area you need to purchase your desired SMS Pack by placing an order.

API key acts as credentials for your sms account to send sms from API. Working key is mandatory to send sms from API.

Under Developers >> API Keys section of your sms account we have provided a facility of creating API key. For security reason API key generated will be masked in your account and the complete key will be emailed to you registered email id.

Our Developers Guide includes the following API Specifications but not limited to:

  • Sending An SMS
  • Sending a Unicode SMS
  • Scheduling SMS
  • Sending SMS To An Optin Group
  • Adding Contacts to a group
  • Sending Message to a group
  • Delete Schedule
  • Edit Schedule
  • Credits Availability
  • Check
  • Checking SMS Status -PULL
  • Checking Group Status -PULL
  • Checking SMS Status -PUSH
  • HLR Lookup

Yes, we provide Restful API which can easily be integrated in any application with ease.

Yes, we provide Restful API which can easily be integrated in any mobile app with ease.

Yes, you can generate OTP, send OTP, verify mobile, enable 2-factor security/authentication in 2 minutes with our SMS API.

Service URL is for transactional sms and for promotional sms

General Questions

Single text messages are limited to 160 characters, including spaces. The maximum length of two-part or three-part multipart text messages is 306 (2 x 153) and 459 (3 x 153) characters, respectively. You could send up to 1000 characters as multipart message which will be split into 7 messages internally. This refers only to messages that contain the standard GSM 03.38 character set.Each multipart text message is limited to 153 characters rather than 160 due to the need for user-data headers (UDHs) information. Mobile phones use UDH information to enable them to link long messages together so that they appear as single SMS messages in recipient’s phone inbox.

Kindly Download SMS Credits Charge Pattern PDF!

We have “No Questions Asked” refund policy where the entire amount that you did not utilize for SMS will be refunded. We will deduct transaction charges if any. However we do not encourage any refund claims for situations beyond our control. Please refer to our Terms of Use and Acceptance Policy at for more details on such situations.

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